Roberto Canali 

Roberto Canali obtained the "Diploma of Organ and Composition" with the highest marks at the Conservatory of Music “A. Boito” in Parma having studied with Claudia Termini. He also attended various specialization  courses held by prominent teachers (L.F. Tagliavini, M. Radulescu, M.C. Alain, H. Vogel e A. Isoir).

In 1989 he was awarded a scholarship (one of only two granted) to the "III International Course of Organ Interpretation and Improvisation", held in Verona by G. Litaize, under whose guidance he specialized even further.

In 1994 he won the Ministry of Education’s National Competition and was awarded a  chair in the Conservatories of Music.

In the same year he won the 2nd prize at the third edition of the "International Music Tournement" (TIM) of the A.GI.MUS. He also collaborated as organist with the Symphony Orchestra of Emilia Romagna (OSER).

In 1997 he took the "Diploma of Harpsichord" under the guidance of M.P. Jacoboni and won the second prize at the 1st Edition of the Harpsichord National Competition “G. Gambi”.

He taught at the Conservatory of Music in Cosenza, where he also collaborated - as lecturer - with the Ministry of Culture.

He his currently holder of the chair of Organ and Organ Composition at the Conservatory of Music “S. Pietro a Majella” in Naples.

He is a founder member as well as Art Director of the “Roman Accademy of Organ – Goffredo Giarda Prize” and has recorded for SMC Records and RAI (Italian Broadcasting Corporation).    

In addition to his teaching activities he also performs concerts - both in Italy and abroad - as a soloist and with chamber ensemble and choral groups such as "Orchestra Barocca Italiana" and the International Chorus of Rome “Novum Convivium Musicum”. So far, he has performed in France, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Holland and the Middle East.  He also plays in duo organ and trumpet with Nello Salza (

On his recent tour of Denmark, he played some of the country’s most important organs, including the Compenius in the Chapel of Frederiksborg Castle, the Marcussen in Odense Cathedral, venue of the prestigious Odense International Organ Competition and Festival and the renewed Frobenius in Aalborg Cathedral. Thanks to the success of this tour, he has been invited back again.